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Illinois Worker’s Compensation AttorneyWorker’s Compensation Lawyer Kirk A. Moyer concentrates on representing people who have been seriously injured in the workplace in Chicago, Orland Park, Waukegan and their surrounding communities.  If you find yourself the victim of an on the job injury, hiring an Illinois Worker’s Compensation attorney to protect your rights is the best move.  Your employer has an insurance company representing them and often attorneys as well; you should have representation too.

The ActEvery day, workers throughout Illinois are injured in workplace accidents.  It doesn’t matter whose fault the accident might have been; if you were injured on the job and suffered a work injury, you are covered by the Illinois Worker’s Compensation System.  The three main categories of benefits under the Act are as follows:

  • Payment of reasonable and related medical bills;
  • Two-thirds of your lost wages for time off work due to injury (TTD);
  • PPD or Permanent Partial Disability payment, usually a lump sum settlement, based on the nature and extent of your injury.

Filing for Worker’s Compensation benefits is not a lawsuit against your employer; rather, it is a claim under the Act filed with the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission (IWCC).  Also, you should be aware that it is illegal for your employer to fire you for making a claim for Worker’s Compensation benefits.  If they did, they can be sued for retaliatory discharge.

What to do if Injured at Work First, report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. Tell your supervisor or someone in charge. Your employer should provide you with an Illinois Worker’s Compensation form 45. You must report that you suffered a work injury within 45 days of the accident or injury manifestation date.
Second, seek medical attention. If your doctor provides work restrictions or takes you off work, get it in writing and provide a copy to your employer immediately. You do not have to treat with a company doctor; rather, you can seek treatment with a doctor that you choose.

Third, call an Illinois Worker’s Compensation Lawyer as soon as possible. Take advantage of our experience; let us protect your rights.

Commonly Asked Questions The Worker’s Compensation insurance company wants an Independent Medical Examination (IME), do I have to go to the examination? Under most circumstances, the answer is yes. You could lose your benefits if you don’t.
I lost my job after suffering my work injury; do I still have a worker’s compensation claim? So long as you gave notice and file in a timely fashion, you may still have a claim for worker’s compensation benefits – even though you’re no longer working there.

What if there was no “accident”, but I suffered a work injury from repetitive stress such as carpal tunnel, am I still covered? Yes, the Act covers these types of injuries.

Can I go to a doctor of my own choosing? Yes, the Act allows reasonable and necessary medical treatment from up to two doctors of your choosing. Also, if either of these doctors refers you to another doctor, it is covered.

The insurance company says my claim is “closed” or “denied”, what does that mean? This is a common tactic by worker’s compensation insurance companies. Just because they say the claim is “closed” or “denied”, does not mean that you don’t have a viable worker’s compensation claim. If you call the Law Offices of Kirk A. Moyer, P.C., we’ll give you a free consultation, let you know your rights and tell you whether you have a claim under the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act.

Free Consultation You probably have more questions. Call attorney Kirk A. Moyer for a free consultation regarding your work injury. Call 312-399-9983.

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