Record of Success

Kirk has demonstrated, time and again, that he is capable of communicating complicated information effectively and persuasively to judges and juries of all backgrounds throughout Illinois.  Drawing upon his exposure to sophisticated, serious injury cases and over a decade of larger firm experience, Kirk established the Law Offices of Kirk A. Moyer, P.C., as a selective trial boutique to focus more closely on client needs.

$1,353,249 Verdict in Wrongful Death CaseThe deceased died in an apartment fire and it was alleged that there were no smoke detectors in violation of Municipal Ordinances. The defendant alleged that the deceased was intoxicated from both alcohol and cocaine at the time of the fire and that she was at fault for her death; toxicology reports confirmed the use of alcohol and cocaine, but not intoxication. Finding that the defendant was negligent in not providing smoke detectors, the jury returned a verdict of $1,503,610 in favor of the Plaintiff which was reduced by 10% contributory fault to $1,353.249.

$248,417 Verdict in Knee Injury CaseThe plaintiff, a pedestrian, alleged that he was struck by defendant’s car and suffered a tibial plateau fracture of his right knee. Defendant alleged that Plaintiff was not crossing in a crosswalk, crossed against the light, and ran into the side of the car; a dent in the side of the car supported defendant’s claims. Key to the win was the treating doctor’s testimony that this type of injury is caused by an impact to the side of the knee. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff of $368,026 reduced by 32.5% contributory fault to $248,417.

$133,151 Verdict in Knee Injury CaseThe plaintiff injured his knee in a two vehicle accident suffering a torn meniscus. Defendant contested permanence of the injury; medical testimony indicated that plaintiff could develop arthritis in the future. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of 133,151.

$75,000 Verdict in Back Injury CaseThe plaintiff was injured when defendant rear-ended her vehicle. The defendant claimed plaintiff cut in front of his truck while he was stopped at a light and that a minor impact occurred when the light turned green. Plaintiff was diagnosed with a herniated disc; treatment consisted of physical therapy only. The jury awarded plaintiff $75,000.

$180,000 Settlement in Neck Injury CaseThe plaintiff was a passenger on a motorcycle when a car turned in front of it. The driver of the motorcycle laid it down and no contact occurred with the car. The plaintiff sustained a herniated disc requiring surgery. The motorcycle driver was uninsured and the car driver had $100,000 in coverage. Plaintiff collected $100,000 under her own uninsured motorist policy and $80,000 from the car driver even though no contact occurred.

$200,000 Settlement in Worker’s Compensation CaseThe plaintiff was injured at work and sustained a disk injury to her neck for which surgery was performed.  Plaintiff’s prior attorney allowed an IME doctor to become a treating doctor and perform the surgery.  Needless to say, the surgeon/IME doctor later cleared plaintiff to return to full duties with no restrictions.  The insurance company then offered $50,000 which the prior attorney “highly recommended”.  After firing that attorney, plaintiff hired the Law Offices of Kirk A. Moyer.  We then  hired our own IME doctor and ultimately were able to settle the case as a perm-total at $200,000.

 The above cases are just a sampling of the results that Kirk has obtained and represent some of the more interesting, and challenging, fact scenarios; to learn more, call us for a free consultation at 312-399-9983.

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