What Is Workers Compensation and How Does It Work: 3 Tips

Posted On July 02, 2015

What Is Workers Compensation and How Does It Work: 3 Tips

The Illinois Workers Compensation System can be confusing at times. I was injured at work, you think, so they’ve got to pay me the benefits I’m due. Surely that is the way it should be, but often is not how does workers compensation work. Here are three tips to help you get the benefits that you deserve.

Workers Compensation Investigations and What They Look For

First, don’t make the mistake of failing to report your accident / injury to your supervisor. Under Illinois workers compensation laws, you must report your accident / injury within 45 days of it occurring. But don’t wait – report it immediately. Any delay in reporting the accident can result in problems. For instance, if you don’t report it right away, the insurance adjuster might question whether the accident really happened at work. Or, if you wait to report it and get treatment, they might look for and question how bad the injury really is saying “well, it couldn’t be that bad if the they waited this long,” during their investigation.

Second, don’t make the mistake of not telling the treating medical personnel the full extent of your injury and all affected areas. Often a person is in shock after an accident or so focused on the primary injury that they fail to mention all of their injuries. This could later result in the insurance company disputing all or part of your injury and denying your benefits. Good advice? Tell it like it is, but be sure to tell the medical personnel everything that bothers you so they properly document your injury.

Finally, the third mistake to avoid is not retaining an attorney immediately. The sooner an Illinois worker’s compensation lawyer gets started on your case, the sooner your protected in case a problem develops. Could you do it yourself? Theoretically. However, the real question is should you? If you don’t know how to sail, would you just blindly take out a sailboat? Or, would you make sure that you had someone knowledgeable and experienced to captain the boat? Lack of knowledge and experience in Illinois worker’s compensation law can result in serious errors that aren’t easily corrected. As an experienced Illinois worker’s compensation attorney, I know the intricacies of our system and have the experience to navigate so that you get the benefits you deserve. Furthermore, I work on a contingency fee basis which means that if don’t get you a recovery – my services are free.

Don’t hesitate, call now for a free consultation if you were injured on the job in Illinois. I can be reached directly at . Learn more about how workers’ compensation works for Illinois employees here.

– Kirk