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The village of Grayslake is a wonderful place to work, live, and raise a family. But a picture-perfect day or quiet evening in town can quickly and unexpectedly turn dark and tragic. When a car accident, workplace injury, or other incident results in serious injuries or the loss of a loved one, families can be left reeling, trying to figure out where to turn or what do next. When injury victims and their families need the support, guidance, and compensation that can help them recover, they can turn to Grayslake personal injury lawyer, Kirk Moyer

For over two decades, Kirk has fought for the rights and well-being of residents who are struggling in the aftermath of a catastrophic injury or the death of a family member. He understands how tough, confusing, and scary things can be, with a painful and uncertain recovery ahead while medical costs and other bills keep mounting and no income is coming in the door. That is why he treats every one of his clients with respect and compassion, and why Kirk works tirelessly to get his clients the maximum amount of compensation available.

If you or a loved one were a victim of a car accident, Kirk can look into your case. Getting hit by a car or a hit-and-run can have devastating impacts on you and your family. Let Kirk, our Grayslake auto accident lawyer, fight for you. You can access the Village’s Online Accident Report System to check your traffic accident report.

The 5 most common types of car accidents our lawyer has seen in this village include:

  • Rear-End Collisions
  • Single Vehicle Crashes
  • Head-on collisions
  • T-Bone Accidents
  • Sideswipe Collisions

The corner of Whitney and Center St. in Downtown is one of the busiest intersections where car accidents are common.

grayslake personal injury lawyer

A passionate and skilled advocate, Kirk will stand up against insurance companies and defense attorneys determined to keep you from getting what you deserve. Kirk has recovered tens of millions of dollars for his clients in Grayslake and throughout Lake County, and he stands ready to help you during one of the most challenging times in your life.

Our Grayslake law firm obtains compensation for clients injured or killed in:

Personal Injury Spotlight: What to Do After a Workplace Accident

As a Grayslake workers’ compensation lawyer, Kirk has seen how complicated and confusing obtaining benefits can be after a workplace injury. Employers and their insurers may try to escape their legal obligations and deny benefits altogether or fight to reduce the amount they need to pay.

This is why it is so important to take the necessary steps to preserve all evidence of your claim from the moment the accident happens. The hours and days immediately following a workplace accident can be a blur. Knowing what to do in advance can help you preserve and protect your rights and make it less likely that problems will arise with your claim. Take the following steps after a workplace accident:

  1. Report the Accident
    Report the accident to your supervisor, foreman, or another representative of your employer as soon as possible, including any pain or injuries you are experiencing. It is crucial that you notify your employer right away, as they may prefer that you receive medical treatment at a specific hospital, clinic, or walk-in facility for workers’ compensation purposes.
  2. Try to Resolve Any Disputes with Your Employer
    If you are dissatisfied or uncomfortable with the physician you see for workers’ compensation purposes, or if an insurer denied your claim, speak with your employer about the situation. While employers aren’t thrilled about paying workers’ compensation benefits, they also don’t want to disrupt a positive relationship with a valued employee. If something is wrong with your workers’ compensation claim, give your company a chance to make things right. If they don’t, contact a workplace compensation lawyer to express your concerns and get the benefits and compensation you deserve.
  3. Take Pictures and Detailed Notes
    Gather evidence and save as much information as you can about the circumstances and conditions surrounding your accident. Take pictures and take notes about when and how the accident occurred, including what you were doing, any equipment you were using, the condition of the workplace and surrounding area, and your supervisor’s reaction and response after the accident. Also, identify any witnesses and note whether there were enough workers assigned to perform the task safely.

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Kirk’s experience, skill, and tenacity have resulted in a track record of success and the recovery of substantial damages for car accidents, personal injury, and workers’ compensation clients in Grayslake and throughout Lake County and even Chicago. And remember, you pay no legal fees unless Kirk obtains compensation for you.

 If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence or reckless conduct, please give personal injury lawyer Kirk Moyer a call at (312) 399-9983 to arrange for your FREE initial consultation.