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All it takes is an instant for a beautiful day in Lake Bluff to turn dark and tragic. A drunk or distracted driver, dangerous or poorly maintained property, a workplace accident – all of these can suddenly turn a family’s life upside-down when they result in a serious injury or death. When catastrophic accidents happen in Lake Bluff because someone was negligent or reckless, victims may not know where to turn or what to do. They have bills they need to pay while they aren’t earning a paycheck because of their injury. They face a long road to recovery while their families must adjust to a new, complicated reality. If you have suffered a severe injury or lost a loved one in a senseless accident, Lake Bluff personal injury lawyer Kirk Moyer can help.

lake bluff personal injury attorney

Over his two decades of fighting for injury victims and their families, Kirk has recovered millions of dollars in compensation on their behalf. His exceptional and tireless advocacy, the respect and attention with which he cares for his clients, and his long record of success have earned Kirk a reputation as a champion for injury victims in Lake Bluff and throughout Lake County.

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Personal Injury Spotlight: What to Look For In a Lake Bluff Personal Injury Lawyer

If you required open-heart surgery, would you choose a cardiologist who focuses exclusively on such procedures and has performed hundreds of them, or would you rather pick a general practitioner who has dabbled in open-heart surgery a couple of times?

As with doctors, lawyers’ practices can either be focused on specific areas and matters or be more “full service.” There are attorneys who can draft a will, help you with the closing on your new home, or defend you against criminal charges and then say that they can also help you with your injury case. But personal injury, auto accident, and workers’ compensation cases can be complicated and challenging, with changing laws, new technological or medical developments, and complex medical issues. To give you the best chance of obtaining a positive outcome in your personal injury case, you need a lawyer who has spent years focusing on personal injury and auto accident law.

When it comes to negotiating with insurance companies and taking personal injury, auto accident, and wrongful death cases to trial, there is simply no substitute for experience. Make sure that you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer, not a lawyer who has handled some personal injury every once in a while.

Your injuries, pain, losses, and other massive disruptions after a severe car accident aren’t just parts of a case or a lawsuit to you – they are parts of your life. Your lake Bluff auto accident lawyer should act like it. He or she should intuitively understand how important it is to get you the resources you need to recover and never act like you are just another file.

Your lawyer should take the time to get to know you and your family. He or she should be someone who will genuinely listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have, not just when you are meeting with them, but whenever you need answers or want to know the status of your case. Your lawyer should explain how things work and what to expect. Remember, the Lake Bluff personal injury lawyer you hire works for you. Make sure you hire a lawyer who acts like it.

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Kirk’s experience, skill, and tenacity have resulted in a track record of success and the recovery of substantial damages for personal injury clients in Lake Bluff and throughout Lake County. And remember, you pay no legal fees unless Kirk obtains compensation for you.

 If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence or reckless conduct, please call Lake Bluff auto accident lawyer Kirk Moyer at (312) 399-9983 to arrange for your FREE initial consultation.