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Personal injury lawyer Kirk Moyer has dedicated his career to helping injury victims and their families recover after car accidents, workplace accidents, slips and falls, or other incidents that were no fault of their own. A fierce car accident attorney and advocate who treats each client with the attention, respect, and commitment they deserve. Kirk has recovered tens of millions of dollars in compensation for his injured clients as well as for families grieving after the sudden and senseless death of a loved one.

No matter the severity of the injury, the complexity of the case, or the challenges his clients face, those in need of an exceptional Libertyville personal injury attorney can turn to Kirk for the help they need. As a Libertyville workers’ comp lawyer, Kirk obtains compensation for clients injured or killed in:

Car accidents in Libertyville happen every month. Kirk is an experienced car accident lawyer who has achieved successful outcomes in claims involving different types of car accidents, including scenarios such as: speeding accidents, struck by a drunk driver, head-on collisions, and distractions. Kirk can help you obtain full and fair compensation for your damages, including your injuries, lost income and wages, property damage, medical expenses, psychological trauma, pain and suffering, and ongoing impairment.

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8 Things To Do After a Car Accident in Libertyville, IL

Right after a sudden and unexpected collision, it can be hard to think with a clear head and take the steps necessary to protect your health and your rights. Knowing in advance what you need to do can help you in the event of an accident.

Feel free to print this checklist of eight essential things to do right after you’ve been in an automobile accident:

  1. Get off the road. If it’s possible to do so safely, move your car off the road and out of traffic and put your hazard lights on.
  2. Call 911.  Report basic information such as your location, name, address, and driver’s license number and let them know of any injuries. Truthfully and calmly answer all questions a first responder asks you, but do not admit or imply that you were at fault.
  3. GET MEDICAL ATTENTION.  Even if you don’t think you are hurt, it is important to seek medical attention after your accident. Some injuries don’t show any symptoms until hours, days, or even weeks later.
  4. Get the other driver’s name, contact information, and insurance information.
  5. Take pictures of the scene and the vehicles involved.
  6. See if there are any witnesses.  If anyone around the scene saw what happened, try to get their names and contact information.
  7. Contact your car insurance company.  Call your insurance company and report the accident. However, do not under any circumstances admit fault or enter into any agreement with the insurance company about compensation or payment without first speaking with an auto accident lawyer.
  8. Speak with a Libertyville auto accident lawyer. Even if you aren’t thinking about a lawsuit or are just intimidated about the idea of contacting a lawyer, seeking legal advice is one of the most important things you can do after a car accident. Speaking with a lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a claim or will file a lawsuit, though both may wind up being the case.

How Do I Get The Most From My Personal Injury Settlement?

Personal injury law can be complicated, but getting more out of your injury settlement is quite simple: hire an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

Statistics show that personal injury and car accident victims who retain a lawyer to handle their claim receive larger settlements and get more money in their pockets than people who try to negotiate with insurance companies and deal with their case on their own.

An analysis by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) revealed that settlements for auto accident injury victims who had retained an attorney were, on average, 40 percent higher than the settlements reached by injury victims who tried to negotiate for themselves. A separate IRC study found that individuals who retained a personal injury lawyer received  85% of all funds paid by auto insurance companies to settle claims.

Insurance companies are in business to make money. Every dollar they pay in claims is a dollar that cuts into their profits. No matter what their commercials may say, they are not “on your side” and you are not “in good hands” with them when trying to negotiate a settlement. They will do everything possible to either deny your claim or try to get you to accept the lowest possible amount of money. When you are looking at mounting medical bills, car repair costs, and other expenses after a car accident injury, it can be tempting to take any offer the insurer gives you. They know that.

Insurers also know that claimants who have an attorney on their side aren’t such easy marks. They understand that their denials of liability or efforts to reach a lowball settlement won’t fool an experienced Libertyville auto accident lawyer. If an insurer knows that the attorney is aggressive, thorough, and fully prepared to take a matter to trial, they will be more inclined to make a more significant offer in hopes of avoiding a costly and unpredictable result from a jury.

How Do Lawyers Figure Out Pain and Suffering Damages?

Illinois law recognizes that pain and suffering are genuine consequences of a severe injury. But such “non-economic” damages don’t lend themselves to easy calculation. The amount of compensation you can recover for these losses largely depends on your lawyer’s ability to prove the nature and scope of the injury’s impact on your life.

Within the two words “pain” and “suffering” is a whole range of physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of an accident or injury. Such elements can include:

  • physical pain
  • stress, anxiety, or depression
  • embarrassment from scarring or disfigurement
  • limitations and restrictions on the victim’s day-to-day life
  • impact on a victim’s ability to sleep
  • impact on a victim’s relationships with loved ones
  • shortened life expectancy

As noted, these “non-economic” damages don’t come with an equation or formula for putting a dollar figure on each aspect of an injury victim’s intangible losses. But like all other elements of a personal injury claim, your lawyer must present convincing and admissible evidence as to your pain and suffering to recover any damages for such losses.

Examples of the types of evidence that your lawyer can use to demonstrate pain and suffering and justify an award of damages include:

  • expert medical testimony
  • photographs contrasting the victim before and after the injury
  • Personal diaries or journals describing the victim’s physical and emotional state
  • Letters or statements from friends and family explaining how the injury has impacted the victim’s life and their relationships with others
  • Proof of mental health issues and treatment

We all know that pain is real and suffering isn’t a figment of our imaginations. But when you are in a court of law and are asking a jury to award you compensation for the pain and suffering a defendant has caused you, it is imperative that you have an experienced Libertyville personal injury attorney on your side who knows how to make your unseen injuries crystal clear.

Personal Injury Spotlight: 5 Things to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

  • Seek medical attention – even if you don’t think you’re hurt. Many people who have a slip-an-fall accident get right back up, believing that the only thing hurt was their ego. But not all injuries from a trip and fall make themselves apparent immediately. Take a couple of minutes to check your body for any, stinging, aches, pain, blood or injuries. You may not experience any symptoms for days or weeks. By getting medical attention quickly, you will either a) confirm that you are okay or b) if you are hurt, you’ll have the documentation and medical records that may become crucial pieces of evidence in any lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries.
  • Tell the property owner or manager about your fall. Regardless of where you fell, you should report your accident to either the property owner or someone in charge of the premises. If they are doing their job, they should prepare a report about your fall. But be careful when discussing your accident – don’t make any admissions or sign any agreements with the property owner or manager that could harm your ability to seek compensation or imply that you were at fault or not injured. Just describe what happened matter-of-factly, and request a copy of the report when completed.
  • Take photos. Unless your cellphone was shattered in your fall, use it to take multiple pictures of the area where you fell. Make sure the photos capture all the conditions near where your fall happened. Since many conditions that cause slipping – such as a spill, ice, a cracked sidewalk, or broken railing – are cleaned up or fixed after an accident, these pictures could prove to be critical evidence in your slip-and-fall lawsuit.
  • Get the contact information for any witnesses. Get the names and contact information for anyone who may have seen you fall or the conditions that existed when you fell.
  • Reach out to an experienced Libertyville slip and fall attorney. A lawsuit may be the last thing on your mind right after tripping. Nevertheless, you should contact an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer to discuss what happened. While you may have a right to seek compensation for your injuries, you could lose that right if you wait too long. Your Libertyville slip and fall lawyer will guide you through the process and fight for you.

Now that you know what steps to take, here are what types of injuries are the most common:

  • Broken bones
  • Sprained ankles or wrists
  • Spine and nerve damage
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Knee damage
  • Shoulder dislocations or muscle strains

If you have sustained any of these significant injuries from a car crash, contact a medical professional and consider retaining a law firm such as Kirk A. Moyer to look into your case.

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