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In the few short years since ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft changed the way Americans get around, the cars and other vehicles driven under the banner of these two services and others like them have driven passengers the equivalent distance of a round-trip to Saturn. That’s about 1.5 billion miles worth of rides. With that much time on the road, it is almost inevitable that ride-sharing drivers will get in accidents – and they do. But when those accidents injure passengers, other drivers, or pedestrians, holding the driver and the ride-sharing company accountable can be a significant challenge. Chicago ridesharing accident lawyer Kirk Moyer knows how to overcome the roadblocks put up by rideshare companies to get his clients the compensation they need and deserve.

As much as drivers are central to their success, rideshare companies try to keep those drivers at arms-length in an effort to limit their responsibility for everything from wages and employment benefits to liability for accidents or sexual assaults.  Hiding behind legal fictions and restrictive, complicated insurance policies, these companies may try to say they have no liability for driver negligence, leaving victims to seek compensation from drivers who may be significantly underinsured.

chicago rideshare accident lawyer

Kirk sees through these efforts and knows how to hold these companies accountable for their drivers’ negligence as an experienced Lyft and Uber accident attorney in Chicago. He has dedicated his career to helping individuals and families as a rideshare lawyer in Chicago and across Lake County move forward after a serious accident or catastrophic injury. Kirk has the experience, tenacity, and skills to get the maximum amount of compensation for Uber and Lyft accident injury victims.

Rideshare Accidents Can Be Much More Complex Than Other Car Accidents

Perhaps the most significant challenge faced by those seeking compensation for their rideshare injuries involves the complexity of insurance coverage and the relentless efforts of Uber and Lyft to shield themselves from claims.

For example, both ridesharing companies take the position that when their app is turned off or their drivers are not available to pick up passengers, the driver is not “on-the-job,” and therefore, the company is not responsible for any accidents or injuries that happen during that time.

Additionally, rideshare accidents can involve multiple claims against multiple insurance companies. When you’re driving your own car on your own time and get into a collision with another driver who is doing the same, there will likely be two insurance companies – yours and the other driver’s – involved in claims arising from the accident. But in an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver, it is likely that more than one insurance policy may supply coverage for damages incurred in the crash. This is in addition to insurance policies covering the drivers of any other vehicles involved in the accident.

If you’re hurt in a ridesharing accident, you can make a claim against the rideshare driver as well as the ridesharing company. However, as in any car accident lawsuit, who you can recover damages from or whether you can obtain any money at all depends on your ability to prove who was to blame for your injuries. Just because Uber and Lyft and their drivers have insurance doesn’t mean their insurance companies will happily open their checkbooks if you file a claim against them.

How Kirk Moyer Can Help You With Your Rideshare Accident Claims

Knowing where to look for compensation for rideshare accident injuries can be complicated. Knowing how to overcome efforts by the ridesharing companies to evade responsibility for your injuries can be even more so. That is why retaining an experienced Chicago rideshare accident lawyer is so critical.

Kirk will neither be fooled nor intimidated by efforts to avoid liability. He will pursue all available avenues of compensation on behalf of those injured by the negligence of Uber or Lyft drivers.

Over two decades ago, Kirk decided to dedicate his career to helping injury victims obtain the compensation and resources they need and the justice they deserve. As an Uber accident lawyer in Chicago, Kirk has the tenacity, commitment, and skill have put millions of dollars into the pockets of clients throughout Cook County and Lake County.

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