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You don’t wake up in the morning expecting to be in an accident or suffer an injury. But whether driving to work on the Tri-State, taking the kids to soccer practice at Brickyards Park, or walking through the parking lot at the Jewel, people in Deerfield can suddenly find themselves dealing with the fallout from someone else’s negligence or reckless conduct. Piles of medical bills, lost days, weeks, or months of work, and the pain and disruption caused by a serious injury can throw whole families into turmoil.

Deerfield residents who must endure such an ordeal through no fault of their own need help, justice, and the compensation that can aid their recovery. Deerfield Personal Injury lawyer, Kirk Moyer, has dedicated his career to helping injury victims and their families, obtaining tens of millions of dollars for his clients in all personal injury practice areas, including:

Kirk is a fierce advocate and steadfast ally who treats each client with the respect, personal attention, and commitment they deserve. No matter the severity of the injury, the complexity of the case, or the challenges his clients face, those in need of an exceptional Deerfield personal injury lawyer can count on Kirk to fight tirelessly to get the maximum amount of compensation available for their losses.

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Personal Injury Spotlight: Can A Previous Crash Be Used Against You In Your Car Accident Lawsuit?

If you are involved in a car crash, suffer injuries, and seek compensation for your losses from the other driver, their car insurance company will do everything it can to deny your claim, defeat your case, or offer you as little as possible to settle the matter. This can sometimes include using your prior accidents against you.

If you file a car accident lawsuit against another driver, the insurance company lawyer defending them will know about your driving and medical history, including records about any injuries you claim you suffered in a prior accident. They will also know the details that came out in any lawsuit you filed arising from that earlier crash.

There are several different ways that the defendant’s insurance company will try to use any previous accidents, injuries, or lawsuits to defeat or diminish your claim. First, the insurer’s attorney may try to argue that the injuries you claim were caused by the accident are really “pre-existing injuries” that arose from your previous accident or another occurrence. Second, they will go through your medical records, take the depositions of your doctors, and hire a physician of their own who they hope will provide an opinion about the cause of your injuries. They will use this opinion to back up their position that your injuries weren’t their driver’s fault.

The insurer may try to use previous collisions as evidence that you are frequently negligent when you drive. Fortunately, the rules of evidence usually prevent the defendant from making such arguments, but that won’t necessarily stop the insurer or their attorney from trying to intimate that or “hint” at it to the judge or jury.

The insurer will also try to cast doubt on your current claim by looking at any other claims you may have made for compensation in the past. For example, if you filed a personal injury lawsuit after a prior crash or other incidents, or filed workers’ compensation or disability claims in the past, the defense attorney may attempt to paint you as a greedy opportunist who sees accidents as a way to “hit the jackpot.” They will try to make you look like someone who screams “whiplash!” after a stiff breeze blows.

Unfair as it may be, the insurance company lawyer will try to make you look bad, or untruthful, or negligent in front of a jury. And unless an aggressive personal injury lawyer stands in their way, they may be able to get away with it.

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