How to Find a Professional Rideshare Accident Attorney?

Posted On August 07, 2020

If you are injured in an accident by a rideshare driver, you have twice as many reasons to seek a professional Lyft or Uber accident attorney in Lake County. Professional Lyft or Uber Accident AttorneyNot only do you have the complexity of a car accident claim but also additional insurance issues that come with dealing with rideshare companies.

You should speak with a lawyer as soon as you can after you or a loved one are seriously injured in an accident involving a rideshare company. There are many advantages to using a rideshare accident attorney in these cases. Most importantly, you could avoid many serious mistakes that those representing themselves often make.

How do you find the right attorney for a rideshare accident injury?

Many lawyers take rideshare accident cases. They may be eager to help but have little experience. You may have learned of a law firm through their billboards or TV ads. But you could get lost in the shuffle of the hundreds of cases they take on.

You and your family need to find an attorney who:

  • Can handle the issues that come up when Uber or Lyft is involved
  • Has experience helping clients in rideshare accident cases
  • Cares about you and your case
  • Won’t treat you like a case file

Experience Counts If You’re Injured by a Rideshare Driver

Your case could be worth a lot of money as rideshare accidents are often severe and the insurance policy involved may be larger. With more at stake, you should be motivated to retain an experienced lawyer. Finding the right car accident attorney is important. One who will lead you through the process of building your case, negotiating a settlement, and going to trial if necessary.

Not every lawyer will take your case from start to finish. You should ask any lawyer you speak to whether they will try to negotiate a quick settlement or whether they personally will take the case to trial if necessary.

Kirk A. Moyer has more than twenty years of experience helping clients going through some of the toughest times of their lives. He has conducted over 20 jury trials and helped hundreds of other accident victims.

Why is a Rideshare Accident Different?

Most accidents involve people traveling for personal reasons. Some accidents are caused by a driver who is working and thus in the course and scope of his/her employment.

Rideshare drivers fall between the two. Lyft and Uber have created systems to maximize profits and limit liabilities. That includes, among other things, denying that drivers are technically ‘employees’ but are rather independent contractors.

Do Lyft and Uber Drivers Have Insurance?

Insurance coverage is critical to the success of a car accident case. It makes collecting a settlement or judgment much easier than trying to get money from an individual or company individually. If someone doesn’t have insurance, it’s unlikely they have the assets needed to pay for your damages.

Like all Illinois drivers, rideshare drivers must have personal auto insurance coverage. In addition, Uber and Lyft may provide accident coverage if the driver:

  1. Has their app on at the time of the accident (‘is searching for passengers’) and/or
  2. Is transporting a passenger at the time of the accident

Insurance limits for policies provided by Lyft and Uber will vary depending on the scenario. If the rideshare driver has a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the accident, the insurance policy will likely be much higher than it would otherwise and/or may be higher than coverage found in most personal policies.

Burden of Proof

In a traditional auto accident case, the victim must prove that the person who caused the accident acted ‘negligently’. In a rideshare accident, to trigger rideshare coverage, the plaintiff must also demonstrate the driver’s ‘app status’ – in other words, that s/he was driving with the app on and/or had passengers in the vehicle.

This adds another layer of complexity to what may already be a complicated case.

How to Find a Professional Lyft or Uber Accident Attorney?

Our success in helping clients in accidents with Uber and Lyft drivers inspires trust and confidence with those we help. Many former clients refer friends and family members to us. Many clients are sent to us from other lawyers.

You won’t find a more professional, responsive, caring, and respectful group of legal professionals to assist you with your case. We will deal with the insurance company so you can focus on getting your life back.

The Right Professional Lyft or Uber Accident Lawyer for You

We have seen first-hand the harm and trauma that a car accident can cause, including those involving rideshare companies. If you or a family member are injured in a collision involving an Uber or Lyft driver, it’s crucial to contact us to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

Please contact us today for a free consultation. Kirk is a rideshare accident lawyer who serves people in Gurnee, Libertyville, and throughout Lake County, IL.