What Is An Impairment Rating for Workers Comp In Illinois?

Posted On June 21, 2013

Impairment Rating for Workers Comp In Illinois

If you’ve tried to represent yourself in a worker’s compensation case recently, probably been given the run around when it came time to settle the case. One client came to me the other day saying that he’d been made a low offer. He said that the adjuster claimed that the “impairment rating” she got on him “locked” the value of the case. If you’ve heard this line, let me tell you that it isn’t true. Under the most recent changes to the Act, impairment ratings are only “one factor” to be considered by the arbitrator in determining what is an appropriate PPD award. While only time will tell exactly what affect the inclusion of impairment ratings will have, it is always important to remember that they are only one factor.

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